Frequently asked questions

Purchase and Delivery

How can I pay my order in the webshop?

You can easily and securely pay your order with: -various credit cards like VISA, Mastercard and American Express (via the checkout option "Credit/Debit Cards"). - your own wire transfer with Bancontact/Maestro (via the checkout option "Manual Payment). In order to guarantee our customers a perfect order checkout process we work with the world leading electronic payment service provider Stripe.

Is YKIDO bike delivered "Ready to Use"?

Yes, when you order an YKIDO Bike is will be delivered "Ready to Use". If you want your bike to be equipped with the adjustable resistance system, make sure to order it together with your bike since it is integrated during production, not afterwards. If you are a company that wants to organize the special YKIDO team building event, we will provide each participant with a specific bike building kit.

How, where and when will my YKIDO Bike be delivered?

If you order via the webshop we deliver at your location (home or company address) in Belgium via our logistics partners GLS or BPost. Normal delivery is within two weeks after your order confirmation, if possible earlier. If a product is out of stock and would take a little more time to deliver we will contact and inform you swiftly. In case you meet our sales representative in person all delivery details are discussed at that time.

If I'm not happy with my purchase, can I return it?

Yes, of course you can. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We accept returns within 14 days after delivery, and at the condition that the devices are completely undamaged and packed properly to ensure descend expedition. Fortunately returns happen rarely. In case you have any question or remark about your YKIDO Bike or about how to use it optimally, we ask you to contact us per email ( or phone (+32 477 381 347). We guarantee to help you swiftly and correctly and to make you truly enjoy your YKIDO Bike. For more details please consult our general terms and conditions.

Can I also pay per bank transfer or in cash?

Yes this is possible.

- Payment per BANCONTACT / MAESTRO :

1) You make your order simply via the webshop.

2) At the "checkout" you chose the option "Manual Payment".

3) You make a wire transfer with following data:

Beneficiairy: Stra-T-Go bvba

Bank Account: IBAN BE49 0688 9324 8371 - BIC GKCCBEBB

Amount: Corresponding your order, vat and delivery included

Communication: Your Name and First Name

We will proceed your order following receipt of payment.

- Payment in CASH :

1) You contact us per email ( or phone (0477 381 347).

2) We register your order. You pay in cash at delivery.

In which countries do you deliver your products?

We currently focus on the Belgian market. Other countries will follow soon. In case you are a customer or retailer from another country please contact us by email ( or telephone +32 477 381 347 for more information. Thank you.

Product Information

Does YKIDO Bike need maintenance?

YKIDO Bike is built with high quality materials and does not need specific technical maintenance. You can clean the bike with a simple dry or slightly humid tissue. Do not use any agressive nor abrasive cleaning product or material since it could cause damage to the anodized alu parts. Since YKIDO is equipped with professional bike components it is recommended to use it with respect to L(eft) and R(ight) side, as marked on the cranks. In case your bike would need any repair or spare parts over time we ask you to contact us.

Do I receive a product warranty?

Yes you do. All our products are delivered with the legal 2 year product warranty applicable in Belgium, of course as far as the product has been used correctly and hasn't been damaged voluntarily by the user. For more details please consult our general terms and conditions.

Should I add the adjustable resistance system to my order?

Generally speaking we recommend to add the adjustable resistance system to your order. It depends on how you intend to use the YKIDO bike. If you mainly want to exercise flexible movement (e.g., in some cases elderly people) it is not really necessary to add this system. If, in addition to flexibility, you also want to exercise with modest power and experience pedalling resistance, the system is certainly an added value and offers extra user comfort.

Which colours are available?

YKIDO Bikes are made of very high quality anodized alu elements. Three standard colours are available: "Sporty Blue": Classy, modern and highly visible. "Timeless Silver": Technical, brilliant look. "Exclusive Bronze": Stylish, matches perfectly interior decorations. Other colours or colour configurations are available on demand. Please contact us for more information about possibilities, minimum quantities, delivery time and price.

User Information

Which YKIDO Bike model is the best for me?

MINI (H25cm), MEDI (H30cm) and MAXI (H35cm) are the three available YKIDO Bike sizes. Although all of them can be used in various configurations, we give some simple guidelines that can help you to make the right choice. MINI is compact, has a the smallest turning radius (15cm), and is recommended for adults with office/desk work; smaller children at school; elderly in care centers; waiting rooms and company reception halls. MEDI is universal, has an intermediate turning radius (20cm), and is recommended for general use at home; children at school, seniors and care centers; waiting rooms and company reception halls. It is the most versatile YKIDO Bike and offers optimal comfort for many people. Remark: it is not designed to be used while working at a desk. MAXI is more sporty, has the biggest turning radius (25cm), and is recommended for general use at home or care centers; where significant rotation amplitude is appreciated, e.g., for taller people or dedicated exercises. Remark: it is not designed to be used while working at a desk.

Is YKIDO Bike usable at any age?

YKIDO Bike is easy to use and accessible for young and old, as far as the user's physical condition enables the intended cycling movement. Children, adults and seniors can cycle anywhere, anytime, alone or in group, and have great fun.

Can I use the bike with a chair and with a seat?

Yes you can. It simply depends on how you prefer to sit down and what eventual other activity (e.g., reading a book, watching television, listening music, working on a computer) you have while using the bike. A chair offers a well supported vertical position of your back resulting in a very comfortabel cycling experience. A seat gives your back and legs a more inclined position resulting in a relaxing cycling experience.

Is it easy to transport the Bike?

Yes it is. All YKIDO Bikes are equipped with a flexible, solid and easy to use transport handle on top of the device. The bike is compact, weights around 4,5kg (depending on the model and accessories), and offers a perfect balance between stability and transportability.

Can I use YKIDO Bike while working on my computer?

Yes, the smallest YKIDO Bike, the MINI, is designed to be used at a desk. In order to find the optimal and comfortable cycling and working position it is recommended to try and vary the horizontal distance between device and chair, as well as to slightly adapt the vertical position of your office chair if necessary. In the case of regular use we advice to add the adjustable resistance system since it offers extra cycling comfort while working at your desk.

Will YKIDO Bike work with my floor covering?

YKIDO Bikes have been designed to offer high stability and anti-slip characteristics on many floor covering types. It works well with tiles, laminate, carpet, wood and other. It is useful to clean from time to time the rubber surfaces on the bottom side of the bike in order to simply remove dust and optimize adherence on the floor again.


Can I order together with my friends and family to get a better price?

Yes of course. As from 5 pieces per order you will receive a group discount. Please contact us for more information.

Is there a way to try YKIDO Bike before purchase?

For practical reasons it is very difficult to do individual demonstrations at large scale. We organize on a regular basis regional demos where privat customers and their family and friends are invited to come and try our different YKIDO Bikes. Please contact us for more information.

I want to offer YKIDO Bike to a friend or family. Which size do I order?

Generally speaking the YKIDO Bike MEDI will be a good choice since it is the most universal bike in our product range. Many people prefer this bike while watching television, reading a book, listening music, or just relaxing at home or in the garden. In addition it is perfectly adapted to be used when seated on a chair as well as on a sofa. When YKIDO Bike is expected to be mainly used while working at a desk, or by elderly people with reduced physical condition or mobility, we recommend the MINI size. When the future user is relatively tall, sporty or preferring a more important rotation amplitude, we recommend the MAXI size. Whatever the chosen YKIDO Bike size may be, we advice to add the adjustable resistance system for optimal user comfort. If you have any question please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

How can I benefit from YKIDO Bike at home?

Many people have no or very little physical activity during the day. They would like to do more sports, however lack of time is omnipresent. YKIDO Bike is an innovative solution to improve your well-being at home. We enable and motivate you to keep moving whenever you want, wherever you are, whatever your age may be. People especially appreciate following home settings for the use of YKIDO Bikes: - While watching television, seated in a sofa. - When reading a book or listening music. - Enjoying cycling inside, whatever the wheather conditions outside may be. - Relaxing in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. YKIDO Bike is compact, functional and stylish. The best-in-class cycling exercise device with seamless integration in your interior design. It's amazing to use, to show, to share and to have fun.


Can we have our own company or brand name on YKIDO Bike?

Yes, it is possible to add your own company or brand name on the bike. The minimum order quantity is 10 pieces. Please contact us for more details, delivery time and price.

Is there a way to try YKIDO Bike before purchase?

Yes of course. Please contact us to make an appointment at our offices or at your location. In addition we can organize at your company a dedicated 1 hour group training session with various YKIDO Bike sizes and colours. For subsequent orders as from 10 units this training session will be offered for free.

What is the Teambuilding Kit in your webshop?

Companies often search for original team events. YKIDO Innovations offers the best-in-class team buildings. During a 2,5 hour session our engineer will guide, animate and support your team until successful assembly of their respective bikes. Afterwards the YKIDO bikes are ready to use in your offices. Minimum order quantity per event is 10 bikes. Probably the most motivating and rewarding team event available on the market.

Are there special team prices for YKIDO Bike?

Yes of course. We can offer your company a discount starting at 5 pieces or more per order. Please contact us.

How do companies and their employees benefit from using YKIDO Bikes?

Many people, especially those working at the office, have no or very little physical activity during the day. YKIDO Bikes is an innovative solution to improve employees well-being at work. We motivate your work force to keep moving, to feel good, and to enjoy the workplace. People especially appreciate following company settings for the use of YKIDO Bikes: - While working, in the office, at a desk, with a computer. - During breaks, in the cafetaria, coffee corner, after lunch or in between meetings. - At the reception hall/desk, waiting room for visitors, common areas. Make your company's efforts to improve well-being even more visible and tangible to all your stakeholders. Equip your company entrance hall with YKIDO Bikes, impress your visitors and transform "waiting" in "enjoying".